Jungle Book II

December 29th, 2016

A human cub Mowgli lived in an Indian Jungle. For certain reason a panther called Bagheera found him, and gave him to the wolves leader for adoption. Our story started from here......

Mowgli-Baloo-King Louie-Bagheera-Mother Wolf-Kaa

Our youngest cast member in preparation. She is speaking with her eyes: we love this stage, we are looking forward to meeting you at the show

The stage with mirrors is ready, we are ready too. we have more to look forward to compared to the previous 'Jungle Book '

This is our stage, isn't it beautiful ?

Mowgli was abducted by the monkeys

We also made our props, every single mask was from  our own creative ideas, come to meet a group of very colourful monkeys

When the curtain is opening, under the stage light, we become a completely different person, focusing, attentive, and enjoying

Wolf mother teaches Mowgli 'the rule of Jungle'

Good friend black bear Baloo tells Mowgli to lay back, relax. 'Just listen to me'!

Mowgli always gets helpfrom his mentor panther Bagheera

A dangerous encounter with the 100-year old python Kaa

I'm King Louis and I am the King of The Jungle...I want to talk like you, you know, I want to be more like you Mowgli

Our graduation ceremony. We want to keep our makeup on for tonight

Along with the closure of our last ‘Jungle Book’ show, the very first Summer Camp at ISA has come to an end. We appreciate the support from our students and parents, thank you for choosing iStage Academy, and spent 2 weeks or more of your summer holiday with us.