Special 2020, Unique Performances

July 20th, 2020

With the curtain call of the final performance of “Welcome To The Sixties”, our unique iStage 2020 Spring Arts festival has come to an end. The past five months have been a very challenging, but meaningful and special journey for every single iStage student.

Everything was getting well prepared and moving forward as planned till the end of January when Covid-19 hit the pause button. But “You Can’t Stop The Beat”! After doing online classes for over 4 months, our iStage students could finally see each other in the Academy classroom again!

4 Months of online courses
iStage Academy started offering online classes as soon as the spring term started. Our teachers spent day and night to prepare all materials. Hundreds of unique teaching videos were tailor made for each group and even for each individual role in the productions. Lego sets were used for the overall staging and private and group zoom sessions being provided for more detailed instructions.

In early June, iStage finally re-opened for rehearsals. Time was ticking with only a few weeks left before the performances! With a huge dedication of both the iStage team - especially our Director of Academics Mrs. Karina Bes - and the iStage students we made it happen!

iStage Spring Festival 2020
We are very proud to say that amongst all schools in Shanghai, iStage Academy is the only academy that continued its performances. We presented five magnificent performances - three different productions after 4 months online classes. 

2020/06/07 All That Jazz
Production Duration: 2 hours

Why we chose “All That Jazz” as the annual production for our iStage top Musical Theatre groups - Select and Pre Select? “Because it highlights all characters. Normally when you have a simple love story, the focus is just on the two main characters. In All That Jazz, all characters have their own little storylines that beautifully come together”, as Ms. Karina said, which challenges every student to dive into their roles in order to bring them alive on the stage.

2020/06/13 The Wizard of OZ
Production Duration: 40min

Our Young Performer students did an amazing job with “Wizard of Oz”. With the oldest student just 7 years old, they were able to present a 40-minute show with songs, choreography and acting. Every student showed us their hard work in their individual characters, and they had plenty of moments to shine on our stage!

2020/06/27 Welcome To The Sixties
Production Duration: 2 hours

The production “Welcome To The Sixties” turned our iStage blackbox theatre into a 1960 TV studio, where our 25 students age 8-15, presented over 40 songs and dances to our audience. The colourful performance was a delight to watch and the audience left the performance with a big smile on their faces.