July 21st, 2020

1. What is iStage Musical Theatre Pre Select and Select Group?

Started in 2018, Pre Select and Select groups are the top two levels at iStage Academy for Musical Theatre. We hold auditions every summer to choose those students with the talent and drive for a potential career in Musical Theatre.

Those students are trained at pre-conservatory level, get various performing opportunities and take part in our challenging productions, to shape their triple threat skills. 

It is now possible to enroll for our 2020/2021 auditions. IStage Select And Pre-Select groups are not just for fun: we are looking for students with a high level in vocal, acting and dance, who are willing to challenge themselves and who are willing and ready to fully dedicate themselves to Musical Theatre. Our students are passionate, enthusiastic and knowledgeable towards musical theatre, and willing to grow with their peer students and iStage Academy!

2. Who are we looking for

We are looking for students age 10 and up with extensive Musical Theatre experience. We want students that are fully motivated to dedicate their lives to Musical Theatre and have the support from their parents in this decision. We want students that are eager to learn, who are confident enough to fail many times, who are resilient and dedicated to the performing arts. We ask for a big commitment of our students and it is hard to combine the Select/Pre Select group with many other activities. The workload for the program is a minimum of 12 hours a week (3 hours weekly class, 3 hours homework and practice, 6 hours self-development).

-Age: 10-18 years old.

-The student has potential in all three disciplines.

-The student has above average artistic qualities.

-The student has the passion and motivation and is eager to learn.

-The student is confident to explore and authentic.

-The student is able to work with others.

3. Benefits from Select&Pre Select Group

* Students will be trained at pre-conservatory level and will be prepared for Performing Arts university applications. 

* Students will receive intensive training in vocal techniques (EVTS, CVT and Bel Canto), acting techniques (Laban, Viewpoints, Stanislavski, Uta Hagen, LeCoq) and dance techniques (Jazz and Tap).

* Students will get various performance opportunities inside and outside of our Academy. And will finish the year with a custom tailored productions.

4. From Select Group Students

Kevin Wu / 11 years old

“Kevin loves singing and musical playing. At the age of 8, Kevin had played Little Simba in the professional production “The Lion King Musical” at Shanghai Walt Disney Grand Theater for 100+ times. Kevin was thrilled to be a part of "All That Jazz" and enjoys the play and playing time with the diversified and talented cast.”

Ava Stevens / 10 years old

“Ava was very excited to be in the iStage production "All That Jazz". This was her 9th performance in a musical. When Ava is not on stage, she loves daydreaming and playing with her Bulldog Winston. She thanks her teacher Karina for the guidance and her parents for the support.”

Kaye Lau / 16 years old

​“Kaye is thrilled to be part of the Select Group’s second production, All That Jazz. She enjoys getting to combine singing, dancing, and acting to tell a story. Despite recent events, Kaye is delighted to say that the whole cast kept an optimistic spirit and worked hard at home in order to make this show possible.”

5. Application for the audition

Application for the audition (see the section: how to enrol)
Step 1: Send in 4 video’s and a questionnaire.
Step 2: Individual audition.
Step 3: Audition Result.

6. How to enrol

1. Please reconfirm the schedule before registration, and ensure that students can attend the audition on time. Registration fee applies, it is refundable if the student fails to pass the audition.

2. Please provide the information when registering: Student name/Date of birth/Country of birth/School currently attending/Parent name/Email address/Wechat/Phone number.

3. Enquiry WeChat: ISA_2016.