iStage Elite Group Audition

June 22nd, 2021

iStage Academy is auditioning for the iStage Elite groups this August. 

Since 2018, we successfully run our Musical Theatre Select group, where our students train their musical theatre skills at a professional level to prepare them for a career in Musical Theatre. 

Over the past years, we have seen more students in our regular classes with above average artistic qualities, the right attitude/work ethic and a potential for a future career in musical theatre. From September 2021, we will therefore provide Elite programs for all age groups, to give those students an extra challenge to deepen, develop and broaden their musical theatre skills at a professional level.

Young Performers Elite

Our YP ELITE course focuses on deepening the earlier acquired skills of vocal, acting, music and dance. Each class the students will work on developing their technical skills, and at the same time, they will develop soft skills such as creativity, confidence and communication. Core subjects will focus on acting (characterisation, transformation, theatrical rules), choreography (dance technique, musicality, expression), vocal technique (development of vocal registers, pitch, projection, rhythm) and performance (integration, expression, delivery). The YP ELITE course is suitable for students with at least two years of experience at iStage Academy and is by invitation only. 
- The student is 5 years +;
- Students have a minimum of two years experience at iStage Academy.

Pre-Academy Elite

Our Pre-Academy ELITE group is suitable for students with above average artistic abilities, but who are not ready to transfer to our Academy courses yet, due to age and physical requirements. The group will work at a higher pace then our regular courses and asks for more commitment of our students. Each class, students will work on vocal technique, acting technique and dance technique as well as on the integration of the disciplines. Students will get a lot of room to explore the different aspects of Musical Theatre and will learn to reflect on their own process and on their peers. 
- The student is 7 years +;
- Students have a minimum of two years experience in at least two disciplines (acting, vocal, dance);
- Students will pass the audition and interview.
- Students have a proficient English level and will be able to follow the class instructions.

Academy Elite

The Musical Theatre ELITE group will work on a professional level and is a great way for students to explore their potential for a future career in the Performing Arts. Students are eager to learn and are able to show their vulnerability in the classes and on the stage. Each class, students will work on vocal technique (Estill Voice Training, Complete Vocal Technique, Bel-Canto), acting techniques (Meisner, Uta Hagen, Stanislavski, Viewpoints) and dance techniques (Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Tap). Students will work on the practical skills, but also study the theory of different techniques. The teacher will closely monitor the learning progress of each student and the student will reflect on their own learning process.
- The student is 10 years +
- Students have the necessary skills in at least two disciplines and potential in the third discipline and a - Students have minimum of two years experience.
- Students will pass the audition and interview.


The PRE-CONSERVATORY groups will work on a professional level and will give our students the necessary skills for auditions and college applications in musical theatre or drama. The group is suitable for students with the necessary skills, drive and authenticity for a career in the Performing Arts. Students will receive a versatile training  in vocal, dance, repertoire and drama, they will work on their audition portfolio and will have multiple showcases and outside performances throughout the year to bring their individual talents to the stage. The main focus of the course is to prepare the students for a career in the Performing Arts. 
- The student is 12 years +
- Students are eager to pursue a career in the Performing Arts.
- Students have the necessary skills in all three disciplines. 
- Students will pass the audition, an interview and a written essay.
- Students are willing to spend a minimum of 16 hours on Musical Theatre each week.


Step 1: Students will fill out the audition application form.
Step 2:
Students send in three video’s:
- an introduction video where we get to know the student and their goals.
- a 1 minute video where the student sings a song from the Disney or Musical Theatre repertoire.
- a 1 minute video that contains either dance or acting.
According to the level of application, the following contents needs to be added:
- a 1 minute acting video where the student delivers a monologue.
- the students will write an essay about why they are the perfect candidate for the course and what they hope to gain from the course.
Step 3: If we see potential in the student to enrol our elite class, the student will receive an invitation for an in-person audition.The audition will be done in the form of an open class, so the students will not feel the pressure of an audition. 
Step 4: If the student is selected for the elite group, there will be a meeting with both students and parents to go over the requirements of the course and the expectations from both sides.

Audition Schedule

The auditions will be held on August 21 and August 22.

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