Benefits of Our iStage Elite Groups!

August 2nd, 2021

iStage Elite group auditions are open to all students age 5 and up. Elite students will receive a lot of benefits and have the chance to win a scholarship!
iStage Academy is an independent, international bilingual Performing Arts organisation. We are devoted to provide students with an individualised, well-rounded educational experience, discover every student's passion and talent as well as foster intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and empathy during the learning process. 
Among all accepted students, including the students that auditioned in June 2021, we will raffle three scholarships worth of RMB3,000 each. 
All Pre-Conservatory students automatically receive a scholarship within their tuition. 

01| What Benefits Will the Students Get for Joining the Elite Group?

① Students will receive a professional training with professional musical theatre training methods, such as:
Lax Vox: a great way to relieve the pressure from the vocal cords. It elongates the vocal tract and the resistance of the water at the same time makes singing easier: the voice sounds fuller and smoother.
Meyerhold: Stick work is good for different reasons: building up focus, building up balance and establish a relationship with an object. The stick is acting as an index of your own balance as a performer.
Masks in Actor Training: Masks help students to express themselves with less fear. They will consider more about surrondings while acting.

② The elite group students will attend the masterclasses delivered by musical theatre stars from China and overseas. More musical theatre techniques and hands on experience will be shared during the masterclasses.  

③ The Elite group students will perform twice a year, during Christmas and our Spring Arts Festival. Extra performance opportunities will vary each academic year. 
④ More performance opportunities will be provided to let the students show their talents.
⑤ iStage courses are delivered in a systematic way. The program will ensure a continuous learning experience for our students and will prepare them for future university applications and audition in musical theatre, vocal and acting.

⑥ Audition or university application guidance. Elite group students may receive one private session with iStage teachers for the audition, speech or talent show.
⑦Extra value added class. The Elite group students will have the privilege to take extra online courses and learning guidences to enhance their learning, with NO extra fees.
⑧ The elite group students will have the opportunity to attend international musical theatre grading exams as well as some musical theatre festival/competitions.
⑨ The elite group student will receive customer tailored photos and videos to capture the best moment and show the growth.
*The benefits are for elite group students only, and cannot be converted into cash. 

02 | Who Can Join the Audition?
We are looking for talented and highly motivated students with potential in all three disciplines (vocal、acting 、dance) with above average artistic qualities. We are looking for students who are passionate about Musical Theatre and are dreaming of a career in the Performing Arts. Students who are confident to explore, authentic and eager to learn.

03 | Practical Information
- Musical Theatre Foundation Young Performers Elite, 5 and up;
- Musical Theatre Pre-Academy Elite, 7 and up;
- Musical Theatre Academy Elite, 10 and up;
- Musical Theatre Pre-Conservatory, 12 and up.
The auditions will be held on August 21 and 22.
Step 1: Students need to fill out the audition application form.
Step 2: Students send in three short video’s: introduction,dancing or acting,singing.
Step 3: If we see potential in the student to enrol our elite class, the student will receive an invitation for an in-person audition.
Step 4: If the student is selected for the elite group, there will be a meeting with both students and parents to go over the requirements of the course and the expectations from both sides.
Address: 2F, Building A1 Betwin, No 889 Shangcheng Lu, Lujiazui, Shanghai

04 | How to Enrol

1. WeChat: ISA_2016, istageacademy;
2. Tel: 021-5072 5172;
3. Email: