Grow with iStage | Those kids who grow with iStage together since the age of 3

December 3rd, 2021

In this ‘Grow with iStage’ issue, three iStage parents are invited to share their children’s experience of learning performing arts from as young as 2.5 years old, answering questions such as ‘when is the best age to let the children start performing arts learning’? ‘Is 3 too young to join the program’?

“Anqi's mother:From not being able to attend the class independently to taking a leading role in a production, it takes Anqi 3 years.”

Anqi started the music class at an early year learning centre when she was just 10 months old. We discovered her passion towards music, and decided to look for a professional organisation so that she can learn in a more systematic way.

Anqi had been a shy little girl in any new environment, she was not able to take the class independently when she joined iStage. With the permission of the classroom teacher, I was allowed to join the class and sit behind Anqi for the first a few classes to give her the security that she needed.

In addition, we always bring her to attend all kinds of iStage performances, to  watch the beautiful shows from older iStage students as well as to let her get familiar with the environment. We believe that, like other iStage student, one day she will shine on the stage with great confidence!

Anqi had good English understanding level. The higher level she moves up at iStage, the higher English understanding level is required, she faces more challenges especially after she joined Young Performers Elite (Young Performers Elite is the highest level for iStage students under age 7, which requires a lot of extra learning efforts and time with more iStage performing opportunities. The aim of this level is to nurture talented students’ passion towards performing arts from young age - the editor)

Anqi adapted pretty well at the new class, however, she felt overwhelmed when the class started to learn a song called “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. It is a challenging song with fast rhythm and relatively complicated choreography. We spent more than two weeks to practice at home, and she was very happy to be able to successfully perform the song.

Anqi has two big gains with over 3 years learning journey at iStage: her musical techniques including vocal, lines and stage awareness/presence, and  she has become more confident, which really impressed us.

I value iStage's educational core values and appreciate the professionalism and dedication of the teachers. My personal taste towards music has enhanced. In addition to referring iStage to my friends, I also sent my younger child to join iStage. I look forward to seeing both my kids to perform together on the stage. I also wish iStage to get better every year to let more children shine on the stage!

“Ray's mother:He has improved in hand eye coordination, body movement and musicality, he is more expressive than other children in the same age group.”

Ray loves music very much, but he was too shy to sing and dance in front of other children. To join iStage, we hope to cultivate his interest in music and to help him learn to express. Ray looks forward to coming to class every week because of his passion towards music and the atmosphere of the class. My expectation for him is that he can learn to express and truly enjoy the music. We have noticed that Ray has made significant progress in his aesthetics and body movements, as well as his musicality. He is also more expressive compared to other children in the same age group.

“Sumi's mother:He has more confidence in communicating with other children, and he is more willing to express his own opinions.”

Sumi's father loves Performing Arts program, and values the the benefits gained from the learning process more than the result itself. Sumi is a rather shy child, so we were looking for a place where Sumi can learn to be more confident in expressing himself.
Since Sumi started his very first lesson as a Mini Performers student at iStage, he has encountered various challenges, the English language obviously has become his biggest challenge. Coming from a native Chinese speaking family, it is hard for him to fully understand a different language with only one hour of learning per week. With plenty of encouragement from us, Sumi started benefiting from performing arts program. His passion and unique understanding towards music has made him to be able to dive deeply into music, and to express his opinion with more confidence.

After joining Young Performers 2, he needs to memorize more lines and choreography. We encourage him to just memorize a little bit every day, as long as he improves so that he may gain a sense of achievement.
In the process of communicating with other peers, Sumi is obviously much more confident and willing to express his own opinions, knowing that he was very afraid to communicate with unfamiliar people before. Confidence, courage, cheerfulness, fearlessness, and willingness to help others are what we hope that performing arts program will bring to him, and these abilities will help him throughout his whole life.