“Love is Christmas” - another year of fabulous Christmas performances by our

December 18th, 2021

Last week, we were delighted to present our iStage Christmas Show to the public. We had nearly 300 performers and 700 audience members, in a total of 27 musicals, in 7 performances, over 3 days!

For many of our young performers, this was their first time on the stage. They all had the chance of playing solo moments, which requires a lot of courage! The individual spotlight gives each child the opportunity to shine, and many revealed surprising stage presence and bravery when facing their audiences.

The children have been growing a lot during the first term and enjoyed their own spotlight on stage!

According to the iStage Curriculum, the first term focuses on acquiring musical theatre techniques, i.e. singing, acting, dancing, improvisation, finishing with performance techniques, where they apply their newly acquired skills to a short version of a musical production. In weekly classes, students focus on the learning materials, drama games, harmony and develop soft skills such as curiosity, confidence and creativity at the same time.

Throughout the Christmas performance, we observed the potential and progress of the children. Many, who were afraid to say their lines in weekly classes, managed to come out on stage and to successfully deliver a confident performance.

The iStage Puxi campus only officially started enrolling students at the end of August this year. In this Christmas performance, all the Puxi students, from YP1 to Academy MT1, put on a wonderful performance, with just 6 weeks or even less of rehearsal time. 

Our iStage Elite groups and iStage Pre-Conservatory group delivered the intermezzo’s between the shows, presenting a number of Christmas classics with beautiful harmonies, to bring the audience into the Christmas spirit.  

The theme of our performance was love. These past two years have been challenging for each of us, but we continue to share love and support within our community. We really appreciate the support of all our parents and will keep doing so. 

We wish all of our students and parents a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are about to enter 2022 and we are looking forward to our second term, where the iStage students will focus on the rehearsals for their final performances in June. 

If you want to be a part of our amazing productions, there are only a few spots left on our regular classes for the next half of the semester, please contact our customer service to book the trial class.