Gerry Tebbutt Acting Via Songs Online Masterclass

January 15th, 2022

iStage Academy
Masterclass | Gerry Tebbutt 
Date | January 8

In the evening of January 8, iStage Artistic Patron, West End Director, Head of the Foundation Course in Musical Theatre Guildford school of Acting, Gerry Tebbutt was invited by iStage Academy to give our students an exclusive online masterclass. Students learned a lot about musical theatre in this 2 hours session.

Starting with body warm-up, students worked with Ms.Jill. They prepared well for the following showcase. 

Students were showcasing the songs that they had prepared and receiving the professional feedback from Gerry. Gerry mentioned the importance of articulation. He also claimed that students need to pick age-appropriate songs and fully understand the meaning of the songs. 

The class came to a close with a Q&A session, the students enthusiastically asked Gerry about musical theatre career planing, further studies and musical auditions that students might face in the future. Gerry encouraged the students to make proper choice in the future learning to consolidate their musical skills, and to try their best to pursue their dreams.