Promotion for New Puxi Campus

January 15th, 2022

1. Bring a Friend In
From now on till February 28th, current regular program students can bring a friend to class for free, only when the class has spots left. One student may invite one friend per class and friends can be invited only once.

2. Get a free interview
From now on till February 28th, the RMB200 interview fee can be used as a deduction of tuition fee, this promotion is only valid for Puxi campus.

3. 'SONG and DANCE' Workshops

Check out our new ‘Song and Dance’ class in Puxi campus! If you are not sure or don’t have time to commit the whole academic year, try this 8-week course at Puxi campus with Marina!
*only valid for new students
Age: 7-9 Years Old
Schedule: Starts from Feb 19, Every Saturday 3-4.30PM
Sessions: 8*1.5hrs
Max: 16 Students
Original Price: RMB4280.00
Sale Price: RMB2980.00
Course Overview: 3-4 mucial theatre songs, combined with choreography (include a final showcase)
Course skill content:
Vocal: Right Singing Posture and Breathing, Diaphragm Support, Vocalization
Dance: Dance Sensation
Vocal: Vowels: A E I O U, Long Phrase Exercise, Articulation
Dance: Break Down the Dance Movements
Vocal: Chest Voice, Humming Exercise, Resonance Exercise
Dance: Stage Presence
Vocal: Whisper: Pop Singing Skills (Voice Quality)
Dance: Flexibility
Vocal: Vocal Placement, Flexibility
Dance: Repeated Training
Vocal: Head Voice, Nasality Exercise
Dance: Different Dance Movements in Different Musicals
Vocal: Tongue Twister Exercise, Speech Voice Quality
Dance: Deliberate Practice
Vocal: Belting Vocal Placement
Dance: Practice and Final Rehearsal
Puxi Campus
Puxi Campus: 102 G/F, block B 3380 Hechuan Road, Hongqiao
Tel: 021-67286068