Musical Theatre X Equestrian: Sumer Camp "Oklahoma!"

April 13th, 2022

In this 6-day immersive musical theatre adventure, students will have a unique opportunity to dive into the foundations of triple-threat performing arts in an idyllic setting, getting inspiration from the laidback lifestyle of the charming Chongming Island.

The big musical production of the course, "Oklahoma", is a landmark of Broadway history, representing the birth of modern musical form through the genius of Rodgers & Hammerstein (composers of "The Sound of Music" and "Cinderella"). 
This Summer camp is a fantastic way to learn about the history of Musical Theater and, at the same time, the American culture of the early 1900s, by immersing into outdoor activities and countryside life exploration. 
Students will learn about the music representing Southern USA, such as Country, Bluegrass and Americana, and will understand the dance styles with plenty of Line Dance, Clogging and Square Dance resembling the modern outdoor traditions in China. The musical experience will be connected to horse-riding activities, enabling students to make the most of the countryside surroundings and to breathe plenty of fresh outdoor air while developing their skills.

-​ A collaboration between two highly reputable organizations in performing arts and equestrian, only provides 16 spots.
Established in 2016, iStage Academy has offered performing arts programs focusing on musical to over 2000 students at own campuses, meanwhile, it is also a recognizable service provider to many international and bilingual schools in Shanghai. As one of the most influential equestrian clubs in China, Aijiu Equestrian Club has been promoting the professionalism and development of equestrian sports since its establishment in 2015.

- High quality program combining musical theatre and equestrian with a five star standard accommodation and meals. 
The combined program aims to provide 9 sessions PRIVATE equestrian class and 24 sessions musical theatre class. Other benefits includes accommodation at Hyatt Regency Chongming, club insurance, 1:6 ratio of supporting teachers and students to make sure the campers are comfortable and safe.

- Aijiu Equestrian Club is Shanghai Equestrian Association Vice President Unit, Shanghai Social Training Base for Talents Pool of Competitive Sports, Chinese/Shanghai Modern Pentathlon Training Base, the camp will be directed by the most powerful coach team in Shanghai and the safety is considered thoroughly.

- Arewarding showcase with medal and trophy ceremony. 
Each camper will have the chance to showcase the equestrian skills they have learnt with a medal granted to celebrate the completion of the the camp. Meanwhile, campers will work together to bring the musical "Oklahoma" to life as well as to win a trophy!

Camper will have chances to enjoy some extra fun activities, such as equestrian obstacle show, baking class with the chef from Hyatt Regency hotel, fruit picking and many more.

- Polish personality and character, improve posture.
- Improve physical and mobility coordination.
- Enhance level of confidence.
- Improve sensibility.
- Have a taste of a program provided by many private schools.
- Increase decision making ability.

Camp Date: 2022/07/31-2022/08/05;
Age Group: 8-16 years old;
16 spots full residential camp.
Price: RMB15,880;
Early Bird till April 30, 2022: RMB15,380;
From May 1, 2022, campers will get RMB300 off for a group of two, RMB500 off for a group of three and up.

Edgar Cardoso
Edgar has worked at Trinity Laban Conservatoire(London) and Azusa Pacific University(Los Angeles) as a vocal coach and collaborative pianist in both Opera and Musical Theatre programs. He studied classical music in Germany, Portugal, UK and USA(BMus, MEd, MMus, ArtDip) and became a world-touring concert pianist with 50 prizes in international competitions.

Hendrik Maarten
Dutch Equestrian Federation Certified International Coach.
Won the European Equestrian Championship Gold Medal twice.
Won the National Best Coach Award five times.

Venue: Discover an unparalleled retreat in Hyatt Regency Chongming, located in the east end of Chongming Island, China's third largest island. Every guestroom is connected to a spacious balcony. 

Accommodation: Every two campers share a double room.

Meals: Hotel buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner provided by hotel executive chef.

The venue for students to practice every day is an international standard equestrian training ground set up inside the hotel.

Day 1
Musical Theatre:
Ice breaking; physical and vocal warming up; song and dance work.
Introduction of equestrian. Be familiar with the feeling of the horseback riding.

Day 2
Musical Theatre:
Acting technique, characterization; Act via song and dance.
Keep the balance. Practicing of up and down on the horseback.

Day 3
Musical Theatre:
Vocal technique: to improve pitch, articulation, posture and support. To integrate song, dance and acting.
Control the horse independently. Lead the horse to take a simple road.

Day 4 
Musical Theatre:
Dance technique, explore different musical dance styles; song, dance and acting integration.
Lead the horse to take a complicated road. Having the deeper understanding of the horse control.

Day 5

Day 6
Musical Theatre:
Rehearsal and performance with trophy granting ceremony;
Equestrian showcase with medal granting ceremony.

Safety and Health: Campers and their guardians are required to provide the healthy code and 14-day travel code before entering the camping site;
Daily Support: Supporting teachers will take good care of the campers daily life;
Meals: All meals will be provided by Hyatt Regency Chongming Hotel during the duration of the camp;
Insurance: Full commercial insurance.

1. The minimum number of students is 8. If our camp doesn’t meet the minimum number of required students, we will offer a full refund.
2. The summer camp schedule is fixed. There will be no make-up classes offered.
3. No refund can be provided for personal reasons. If you are not able to attend the camp and notify us at least one month in advance, you may swap to another available session or use the camp fee as part of the tuition fee for our regular class. This can only be done once. If the notification is less than one month before the start date of the camp, there will be no refund, but you may transfer the spot to your friend.

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