Enchanted Forest II

December 29th, 2016

From last Friday’s iStage blockbuster‘Treasure Island’ and ‘Enchanted Forest’: the mysterious Treasure Island in the morning, together with 11 precious little princesses got mysteriously lost at Enchanted Forest in the afternoon! The amazing atmosphere during the day, let’s bring your memories back and feel the heat again!

The Enchanted Forest Rehearsal
Working hard on scripts! They all have very good memories

My talent show, created by myself. I am being a wolf with the mask made by myself!

Group photos of 11 princesses

Show Time
We are dressed up, we are ready, we CANNOT wait to start the show!

Enchanted forest, what a beautiful view!

We really don't need the scripts to help us out - it’s all in our little heads

The show has finished, how much we love our stage. The familiar music is on again, let’s get back to the stage, have the last chance to dance, sing, and act on the stage…