An Evening With Ian Dickens

April 11th, 2017

Ian Dickens, recently appointed iStage Academy Director of Performing Arts, invites you to a relaxed, informal evening at iStage Academy.


Ian will share about his career from drama student to becoming a stage, television, and film actor and then progressing to form his own company and emerging as one of the most prolific and leading Director Producers in the United Kingdom. He will also discuss his move to Shanghai, specifically how he has found the move and cultural differences, as well as his particular reasons for coming to China and what he intends to achieve here in his new role.


The relevance of the Arts in young people's lives is a major topic and Ian will give his perspective of why it is important to YOUR child. The Arts in modern society, even in the digital age, form part of the future generation's well-being and culture.


Plan to join in for a question and answer session with Ian at the conclusion of his talk.  His presentation will be in English, however we will have an interpreter for the questions and answer session. We welcome you to come and meet other iStage parents and Penny Jin, and also find out what the future of iStage looks like.


RSVP is required by April 18th for this special event! Seating is limited so please contact us with your name, your child's name, the course your child attends, number of adults attending, and your cell phone number. If you would like to bring a guest, please let us know (one guest per family). This event is free of charge and for adults only, so no children please.

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