'Our Day At The Zoo' - A spring full of joy and laughter

July 5th, 2017


It was the very first time, iStage performing arts director took the big challenge to have the students from different classes with the age gap from 7 to 18 years olds, participating in the same performance. The students had been taking different lessons at different time slot during the term, they worked amazingly as a team in the end to present us a great production.


Many people are very curious about the reason of choosing such a small and less well know production. It is yet another challenge that Ian Dickens - iStage performing arts director had taken. The production itself has a very strong UK school culture background, it is characteristic with beautiful songs, a students dominated show by minimizing the glamourous costumes, lighting, props and settings.


We would like to bring you back to the scene on June 11, let's feel those beautiful smiles again...

Today is your day, you are the stars!

Huge applause belong to you all!We are all very proud of you!


《Why Can't It Always Be This Way》

《Boss of the Bus》

《This Is The Best Day Of Our Life》

Hope those moments, the moments on the stage will be in your memory forever...

Family and friendship, at the most important moments

information about our autumn/Winter musical will be released soon, stay tuned!

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