Welcome to iStage 2017 Open Day

September 15th, 2017

September 2nd


The open day in iStage happened on September 2nd, the first class is a dance class. Dance teacher, who came from Russian, gave our young kids an romantic journey to experience the Russian Ballet. 

Because many parents did not know the difference between modern dance and contemporary dance, our dance teacher Julie gave a speech before the class to older students who already have some dance experiences. After that, she took the students to experience these two dance types. The class was really great that students signed our class directly after the open class.

iStage has Latin dance class for children from 5 years old. Students can feel the passion of Samba, the active rhythm of cha-cha, the beauty of rumba in both foundation and advanced classes. 

Little Percussionist: In Western music education system, children are encouraged to start with learning rhythm. Percussion instrument is always one of the best way to help children to feel the rhythm. Orff is one of the main music education methods in the world that the method encourage children to experience rhythm through Orff percussion instruments learning. It also has a lot of movements to help children to put rhythm into their body. In our Little Percussionist class, children are going to play a lot of small Orff instruments with famous Classical or Popular music recording.


September 3rd


We have music theater, drama, music intelligence and instruments class on that day. All the class are very popular and there have only few spots to register!

In music theater class, our teacher used 10 minutes to show students what is musical theater and then took them to explore this magic world. Children love it! In the last 10 minutes, children had a surprise short performance for their parents and it was amazing.

Some parents have questions about how to choose class from musical theater and drama. Our musical theater class has vocal training, performance and dance, and the drama class focus more on speaking and performance. However, the best way to find the “right” class for your children is to come to our trial class!


iStage provides musical theater and drama class for both 5 to 7 years old, 7 to 9 years old and 9 to 12 years old. 

Music Intelligence


What is the best way to start your children’s music education? Taking music class with them together! In music intelligence class, parents sing, dance, move and play instruments with their kids together. You can see your kid’s growth in every class!

September 7th

Great Musical theatre trial experience at Pudong Ambassy yesterday! Very nice kids! Formal Ambassy classes start from Sept 13 and 14.