Join spring term musical theatre 4-5 years old, come be a part of A dog's life

January 2nd, 2018

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Course information
As we all know, childhood is the most important time to affect the future of a person’s life. Children’s talents are like treasures, ready to be explored.

The musical theater class for 4 to 5 years old at iStage is for children with little to no musical theatre experience.

Teachers will include singing, dancing, acting in each class and each child will be a part of our final performance, together with the other students. We all know musical theatre can improve children’s confidence and performance skills, but what else can your children gain from this class?


1. Positive Classroom Atmosphere
For young children, a happy and enjoyable classroom environment is very important for them to learn. They work together with their peers, but there is a lot of room for personal improvement. Children will be encouraged to explore, and will learn that there are “no mistakes” in the class.

2. Attention span
At this young age, children can only focus on something for a short time. In this class, teachers will have a lot of fun games, music, and dance to attract children’s attention.

3. Respect and Value our children’s imagination
In musical theater class, teachers will give children some specific stories or pictures to encourage them to express what they really feel in their own life. They will grow as a person by encouragement and will be challenged to get the best out of themselves.

4. Language and Communication
Some children may feel shy or nervous when they need to perform in front of other people. In this class, teachers will encourage every child to give ideas, questions and comments, and also help them to sing, act and dance on the stage. Children will get used to performing in front of an audience and will feel more confident being on the stage.

About Musical-A dog's life
A dog’s life tells the story of pet owners, Roger and Anita, their beloved dalmatians Pongo and Perdita, and a lot of very cute puppies. They live a happy live together, until the evil Cruella decides to steal the puppies for a new coat. Can the dogs escape from Cruella?

①1088 Plaza:
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②Pudong Ambassy
Wednesday 4.15pm-5.15pm
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iStage Tutor
Vocal & Acting Tutor: Karina
Karina is an experienced director, teacher and performer from The Netherlands. She studied Musical Theatre, Theatre & Education and Creative Development and was part of the prestigious 2007 Directors Lab at Lincoln Center Theater, New York.

During her almost twenty-year long career, she has had many great directing credits around the world including Cabaret, Moulin Rouge, Lucky, The Hummingbirds, Levittown, Christiane and The Wild Party.

As a performer, she played lead roles in many musicals such as The Wild Party, Rent and Jesus Christ Superstar. She was also the lead singer of the musical theatre duo KarMa.

Karina is a highly skilled singing, acting and dance teacher, and taught both children and adults, non-experienced and professional, both private and in groups throughout the Netherlands and abroad. A lot of her students have found their ways into the professional world of (musical) theatre.

*Under any unforeseen circumstances, iStage Academy reserves the right to replace the current tutors with others of similar background and professional qualifications.

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