Candy Land | Behind the Scene

February 14th, 2018

On February 3rd and 4th, iStage 2018 Chinese New Year Production “Candy Land” was performed at the YCIS Century Park Campus theatre. We would like to share those precious moments from the stage and behind the scenes.

Behind the scenes

Backstage is always the busiest place before and during the show! The backstage staff arrived early to get perpared on the day. We would like to say "thank you" again to all the parent volunteers!

​"Grandparents" cast members all looked so surprised after the makeup, “Oh my Godness”!


​The performers were so excited during the intermission!

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Every performer’s face was on our poster! The little performers and their parents were so happy to capture this moment.

Parent Volunteers

The performances would not be running smoothly without parents volunteers. Every child was supervised and well taken care of by them. They took off their own jackets and put on the children, carried the children around when they were tired...

Students Story

Jack,  4 years old

After the first day’s performance, little Jack was lying on his dad's shoulder and  said, ”Daddy, I’m so tired, are we done now?”
Jack’s dad said ”it is never easy to be an actors, this is the part of the experience that an actor has to go through.”
(The photo was taken on the second day before the performance, Jack give us a big Yeah.)

Ethan,  8 years old

At a short break during the performance, the backstage left wing staff Rosanna was exhausted. When Ethan heard her saying "I am very thirsty and exhausted and my feet are hurting", he passed his water bottle to Rosanna, holding her hand, and said "Ms Rosanna, you are the best!"

Risako, 15 years old

Contemporary dance student Risako had been helping at the backstage after she finished her "sugar dance" in the opening of the show. She helped the little performers from music intelligence and pre ballet on the stage to make sure they are confident under the spot lights and in front of the large number of the audiences.

Celine, 9 years old

Celine is an "old" student at iStage, everyone at iStage witnessed her growth and remembers her because she was never late or left early at the class. 

She joined iStage in 2016 Autumn term with a very small role at "The Christmas Carol". In 2017 spring term performance "Our Day At the Zoo", she acted as a very cute tiger and showed the audiance her acrobat skill. Till at "Candy Land", she has become one of the leading roles, her acting and singing has won lots of compliments from the audiances.


Credits from the Parents

Ava E.'s Mum said:

A big thank you to  Ms. Karina and all staff at iStage! My daughter enjoyed every class! Yesterday's performance was fantastic and we were very happy to see our daughter grow and improve on stage! We will not hesitate to recommend iStage to our friends. Thank you and have a beautiful day!

About the performance

iStage was founded in less than 2 years ago. There were only 7 children in our first performance. This time, we had almost 70 children.

With the Chinese new year is just around the corner,  iStage team wish you and your family a happy Chinese new year and a fruitful dog year! In the new year, iStage will be working with more international schools to deliver high quality performing arts courses. We will also continue to bring the best performing arts courses to you!