iStage Musical Theatre Select

May 17th, 2018

Select Group

iStage Academy is auditioning for the ISTAGE SELECT group. The SELECT group will work on a professional level and will give your child the necessary skills for a auditions and college applicationsin musical theatre or drama. The focus of our SELECT group will be on the individual development of your talents and bringing your talents to the stage. We will work on different techniques in dance, acting and singing as well as repertoire development. There will be lots of performance opportunities to bring your talent to the stage inside and outside our academy.


We are looking for talented and highly motivated students with potential in all three disciplines(vocal - acting - dance) with above average artistic qualities. We are looking for students who are passionate about Musical Theatre and are dreaming of a career in the Performing Arts. Students who are confident to explore, authentic and eager to learn.
Audition Age: 8-18 years old
Audition Date: June 29th from 5pm-8pm and August 26th from 3pm-6pm.

Classes will be every Friday from 18.00-21.00 at our iStage Academy (1088 Plaza, Pudong Nan Lu, Lujiazui). The first term students will focus on learning different techniques in singing, dancing and acting as well as repertoire development. The second term students will focus on the preparation of their final performance. To secure the high level of the class, no more than 3 classes can be missed during the year (with a few exceptions).

Start date: Starts from September 14, 2018, Every Friday 6pm-9pm.
Address: 2/F, 1088 Plaza, No.1078 South Pudong Road.
Block out dates: October 5th (National Day Holiday), December 28 (Christmas Holidays), January 11(pre rehearsal day), February 1st (CNY Holiday), February 8th (CNY Holiday), April 5th (Tomb Sweeping Day)
Rehearsal Weekends (Attendance Required): January 12 and 13 (from 10-18h) and May 12th (10-16)
Performance Dates: January 26 and 27 (Chinese New Years Performance) and June 7 to 9 (Select Performance)
External performances: We expect the students to be the face of iStage and to participate in our external performances as often as possible. Dates of these performances will be communicated as soon as possible.

About Tutors
Classes will be taught by Karina Bes. Karina is a highly skilled musical theatre teacher with a degree in Musical Theatre (Kunsthumaniora, Antwerp), a BA in Fine Arts (Utrecht School of Performing Arts) and a MA in Creative Development (Professional School of the Arts, Utrecht University).

Besides our main teacher, students will receive Master Classes from highly skilled specialists.

We are looking for students with high self-learning ability, who also has talents in vocal, performance or dance field. We will offer one student with full scholarship.

Dance Audition

What to prepare?
Our audition day starts with a 45 minute dance audition. Students don’t have to prepare anything. Please wear appropriate clothes and shoes. The dance audition will start with a warm up, followed by a short choreography (Broadway Jazz). The choreography will be performed individually at the end of our dance audition before our selection committee.

Vocal Audition
What to prepare?

Students will choose one of the songs from our song list and will sing the song from memory. They will audition with an instrumental backing track. Musical Theatre is more than just a beautiful voice, so we are also looking for musicality, ownership and storytelling abilities. Lyrics, sheet music, vocal and backing track will be provided.


Acting Audition
Audition Monologue
You ever feel like you are two shades away from the life you’re supposed to be living? I’m there. Sometimes I’ll look back, like right now—usually when shit hits the fan and I think about my past and where I went off track; try to point out the place in my mind, where it began cause, I know I was on the right path and something happened along the way that kind of bumped me over a bit and here I am; wondering if I add up, wondering if I am ever going to get back on the right track again.

What to prepare?
Students are preparing this short monologue from memory. Think about your character, about the staging and about the delivery of the lines. Remember: Less is more. If you need any props, please bring them to the audition. Chairs and tables can be provided.

After the Audition

Students will be informed within a week by email. Please provide us with a correct email address. Students will receive our final decision: accepted or not accepted and will receive some information about their points of development.

If a student is accepted, a place is only reserved if the student enrols in our Academy. If a student is not accepted, the teacher will give some structured feedback and advise for one of the other groups at our Academy.

Contact Us

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