iStage Spring Term Production —— A dog's life & Around the World

May 17th, 2018

This June, our students will be sharing their achievements at iStage Spring Arts festival.

We will be presenting:

“A Dog’s Life”, a group of 4-8 year olds muscial theatre students will become “Super Dogs”, showing the audiances a brave story about doggy friends who go all out to keep each other safe!

“Around the World”, The audiance will be meeting with iStage musicians, dancers and singer around the world, who are students from our Music Intelligence, Chamber Orchestra, private instrumental, Ballet, hip hop, Contemporary dance, and private vocal class. Let's witness how much they have grown since the last term.

Seeing the student’s growth and development is the most joyful moment at iStage. During the performance, videos will be recorded by a professional photography studio and shared with the parents to keep those amazing moments with you forever...

June 3rd 12pm & 1.30pm

A dog's Life


Time schedule at spring term is always short and tight, which gives little performer a big challeng to present a production after only taking 16 sessions of 1-hour long classes at iStage. Imagine an adult presenting a 45-minute English musical production after 2 working days! Come to watch the amazing show and cheer for them!

Directed by Karina Bes, the director of performing arts at iStage, 'A Dog’s Life' is based on the successful movie '101 Dalmatians'.

The show will be performed by our 39 young age students from the musical theatre age 4-5 and 6-8. 

The majority of the students are non English native speakers, but they are challenging themselves by presenting an original 45-minute musical production in English.

A dog’s life tells the story of Pongo, Perdita, Roger and Anita. Pongo and Perdita are two happy parents, expecting their first puppies. Everything goes well, until Cruella and her helpers disturb the happiness of the young parents. She threatens to take their babies, so she can make a beautiful fur coat out of them. Pongo and Perdita get help from all their friends in town. Will they succeed to save all of their puppies or will they end up as Cruella’s new coat?


Performance Date
On June 3rd, 12pm & 1.30pm

2/F, 1088 Plaza, No.1078 South Pudong Road

Price: RMB30.00, 70 seats for each show


June 3rd 3.30pm
Around the World


Around the World





Prinmary Ballet


Ballet Level 1


Music Intelligence I & II


Contemporary Dance


Chamber Orchestra


Private Class




Performance Date
On June 3rd, 3.30pm

Venue: 2/F, 1088 Plaza, No.1078 South Pudong Road

Price: RMB30.00, 70 seats for each show


How to get a ticket?


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