Dear students and parents,
My name is Penny Jin, founder of iStage Academy. As many of iStage parents, I have always recognised the value of the Performing Arts and believe that choosing a quality performing arts programme will have positive effects on the children and their career and path in life.
Many of the most useful and valuable skills a person can acquire are soft skills such as motivation, critical thinking, determination and creativity. It is impossible to predict which skills will be required for the workplace even in the near future and many hard skills will likely become obsolete. One thing we can be certain of is that emotional intelligence and creativity will always have a huge value in every facet of society.
Mindful that there are very few independent, specialist performing arts academies in Shanghai, iStage first opened it’s doors in 2016 and made a commitment to provide a platform to promote creativity and emotional intelligence by providing a high quality individualized Performing Arts education programme.
Our belief is that all people are creative and our programmes are personalized and differentiated to help discover every student’s passion and talent. It’s also a very fun and enjoyable way to encourage intellectual curiosity, critical thinking and empathy and we encourage a self exploratory and (safe) risk taking approach. In turn, this encourages the student to be a more confident and independent.
These experiences are invaluable life skills that will develop proficiencies and abilities required across different work settings to better prepare for a successful life in a rapidly changing world. In addition to developing technical skills our programmes are designed to develop soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, creativity, and self motivation.
Achievement can be seen and measured during performances and the exposure students receive is invaluable. We strive to provide as many performance opportunities as possible. The preparation, cooperation and sense of achievement is a huge boost to confidence as well as offering a great many other advantages.
Since opening, the Academy has grown from a handful of children to a programme that now produces termly productions and delivers different Musical Theatre, Acting, Dance and Music classes to the students of all ages. We witnessed our students grow with the Academy becoming more confident and well-rounded young people. We value the individuality of each student and are devoted to bringing the best performing arts experience by offering originality, innovation and quality to all we do.
Welcome to iStage Academy experience!
Penny Jin